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    • Equipment Leasing
    • Kosun provides the equipment leasing business for customers accordingly, including solids control equipment leasing and the oil drilling tools leasing etc.
    • Equipment and Spare Parts Sales
    • Kosun manufacture Drilling Solids Control Equipment and Drilling Waste Management Equipment for more than 20 years experience with API, IADC, ISO and CE certificated.
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • KOSUN provides customers the service on solids control,mud handling,waste treatment,disposal of cuttings etc
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  • KOSUN Provides Drilling Waste Management Services
  • Founded in 1992, Xian KOSUN Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., is a specialized company in providing Drilling Waste Management Se
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  • 04Aug
  • KOSUN Centrifuge is a Highly Efficient Separation Device Used in Solids Control Systems
  • KOSUN centrifuge is used for drilling waste treatment. As solid control equipment, it has the advantages of good separation effect,
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  • Founded in 1992 and building its factory (covering area of 24mu) in Xi'an Economic & Technological Development Zone, China in 2004, Xi’an KOSUN Machinery Co., Ltd. (KOSUN) is a professional company that provides solid-liquid separation products and integrated solutions to solid waste disposal in the fields of energy conservation and environment prot...