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    Black Rhino Centrifuge


    Black Rhino Centrifuge Overview

    Hydraulic Coupler:

    Black Rhino Centrifuge is a flexible hydraulic transmission device connecting with the main motor shaft, can start the motor under an almost unloaded state, reduce the starting current and protect the motor. Furthermore, when the load is too high, the oil in it rapidly heats up. When the oil temperature reaches 120℃, the fusible plug melts quickly and the oil spurts from the fusible plug port, and the transmission fails, so the motor and other equipment are protected.


    It mainly consists of stainless steel materials, such as 304, 321, 316L, 316, etc. There is a spiral propeller in the drum, and the spiral blade on the propeller is coated with wear-resistant tungsten carbide (or is inlaid with hard alloy tips) that can effectively prolong the service life of propeller. The inner wall of drum is welded with wear-resistant anti-slip strips that protect the drum and greatly increase the dreg-propelling efficiency. The dreg outlet at the small end of drum is made from highly wear-resistant materials of tungsten or cobalt, and the big end face of drum is equipped with replaceable and wear-resistant liquid level rings, which is convenient to adjust the depth of liquid level.

    Control System – Explosion-proof Switch Cabinet

    The shell is the explosion-proof type and adopts the welded structure of steel plate, and it consists of wiring chamber and control chamber. The main motor adopts the star delta starting and contains electric protectors, such as AC contractor and thermal relay, which can furthest protect the motor and other equipment. Moreover, our company can also provide the explosion-proof variable frequency control cabinet.


    It is a gear reducing structure, the shell connects with the drum, the input shaft connects with the auxiliary motor by belt pulley, and the rotational speed jointly output from them connects to the spiral propeller by spline shaft. The differential is a critical component of centrifuge, which can provide a high torque and a constant differential speed. It has such three transmission structures as planetary gear, cycloidal pin gear and hydraulic.

    Black Rhino CentrifugeBlack Rhino CentrifugeBlack Rhino Centrifuge

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