• Hi-G Dryer


    Hi-G Dryer Overview

    Application of Hi-G Dryer 

    KOSUN Hi-G Dryer is used to recover the mud from drilling cuttings, so as to reduce the liquid/oil content in drilling cuttings to as low as about 10%(w/w) and recover part of the drilling mud, so that the drilling cost can be reduced and the drilling waste volume can be cut down, for the purpose of reducing environmental pollution. The Hi-G shaker is suitable for both of WBM and OBM.

    Features & Benefits of Hi-G Dryer

    1.High G-force vibration intensity (adjustable as per working conditions);
    2.Make drilling cuttings more drier;
    3.Weir type feed box is more applicable to on-site process;
    4.Fast drilling cuttings conveying speed and high handling capacity;
    5.Screen frame tilt angle can be adjusted from -1° to 5°;
    6.Rapid screen tensioning system ensures easy screen replacement.

    KOSUN is a professional oilfield drilling mud Hi-G Dryer supplier and manufacturer in China oil drilling mud solids control and drilling waste management industry. As a pioneer in this industry, KOSUN is capable of providing customers with series products, such as oil & gas drilling fluid solids control equipment, decanter centrifuge, drilling waste management equipment and drilling security equipment.

    The products we can provide for oilfield and drilling fluid processing system including drilling mud shale shaker, drilling fluid mud cleaner, desander, desilter, drilling fluids decanter centrifuge,vacuum degasser, mud tanks, mud gun, mud agitator, drilling mud centrifugal pumps and all the other solids control equipment, complete solids control system, etc.

    Hi-G DryerHi-G DryerHi-G Dryer

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