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    Electronic Flare Ignition Device


    Electronic Flare Ignition Device Overview


    KOSUN electronic flare ignition device for released combustible gas is a device used in refinery and natural gas gathering station to deal with the tail gas and relief natural gas. It is a safe environmental equipment as it can remove the danger brought to the environment by the released combustible gas.

    Feature and Benefits:

    It is primarily composed of DN200 (or DH150) gas burner(torch), GDH-2 electronic igniter, ignition apparatus(including liquefied gas container, hose, etc), drilling fluid-gas separator(which is supported by ignition device when applied in drilling engineering), etc.

    This device adopts the high-performance electronic igniting circuit whose main components are made of imported elements and other components & cables made of homegrown optimal materials, which makes its performance stable and operation reliable.

    Electronic Flare Ignition DeviceElectronic Flare Ignition DeviceElectronic Flare Ignition Device

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