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    Equipment and Spare Parts Inventory In Houston (July 22th, 2015)

    No. Equipment Model Quantity Unit Remarks Photo
    1 Shale Shaker Black Rhino (G1) 2 Set Black Rhino shale shaker (hook strip screen), G1, tested
    2 Shale Shaker Black Rhino 5 Set Equipped with plate-type screen and tubular Martin motor. Four pieces of screens for each shale shaker and another four screens as spare parts; a set of common accessories for each shale shaker
    3 Centrifuge(VFD included) DC450 1 Set 450*842 in sizes, equipped with VFD, base and white ordinary explosion-proof cabinet, tested
    4 Centrifuge(VFD included) D450L 1 Set 450*1000 in sizes, equipped with VFD and ordinary explosion-proof cabinet, as well as a set of common accessories
    5 Cyclone Assembly MD320 1 Set MD320 cyclone assembly
    6 MONO Pump G70 1 Set MONO pump head, tested